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With 100% Spanish capital and headquarters in the Valencian town of La Pobla de Vallbona, AUTELEC Tecnología, S.L. is an electronic engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment and machinery applied to the agri-food industry and specialized in the olive sector, in which it has enjoyed a well-deserved prestige for 40 years thanks to the quality, innovation and reliability of its equipment. for the olive oil.

AUTELEC’s origins date back to 1979. At that time, its main activity was focused on the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and machines applied to the agri-food industry. With an incipient and rudimentary computer system, the company was a pioneer in the design and manufacture of microprocessor automation for manufacturers in the fruit and vegetable sector, making weighing and netting equipment for fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit classifiers according to their weight and color. It should be noted that this company from La Pobla de Vallbona was one of the first to design and manufacture equipment with 100% Spanish hardware and software. “At that time we had our first Motorola” – recalls its manager, Vicente Carot, with a smile. “It was around 1989 when we went from being an engineering company dedicated to designing and manufacturing for third parties to creating a line of our own products for the olive oil market, currently being a benchmark in the sector”. Very close to the Mercacei Editorial Group in these 25 years, betting on this publication since its inception – “for our dissemination it was very important to have it and time has proved us right, and today our collaboration with Mercacei has become even closer more if possible”, says Carot-, in that distant 1994 AUTELEC had already traveled a good path, but it needed to make itself known in a new sector for the company. Although it already had more than 100 MG-707 metering units manufactured and installed, “Mercacei’s drive was and has been a great help in reaching the 1,200 that we currently have distributed throughout the world”.

This measurement equipment designed and manufactured entirely by AUTELEC was renewed over the years, becoming a benchmark for accuracy in the field of analytics. Although its external appearance is very similar, the technology used by the company has been updated, remaining faithful to one of its inalienable principles: ensuring that its equipment does not lose accuracy over time -in this case, more than 30 years- , which is the purpose for which they were created, says Carot. “Far from getting into sterile battles about whether your speed is high or low, the mission of every measurement team is precisely that, to measure, not to win races; Be reliable and repeatable in your results.”

Goodbye to outdated equipment


At the same time, in those years the company already had more than 200 packaging machines in operation throughout Spain with its first model DL-290, which evolved into the modern DL-294Plus that it markets today, with more than 2,500 units sold throughout the national territory. All of them in operation, from the first with more than 30 years to the last, providing accuracy and reliability -goodbye to obsolete equipment- which is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that best defines the machinery manufactured by AUTELEC. Technology, one of its true brand values.
“For AUTELEC workers, our machines are like children, each one with its own personality, each number is like its name, so we never leave any of them aside; all have their maintenance guaranteed, from the first to the last, all have the right to continue working, not to be separated due to lack of parts or maintenance. In fact, it is very common for the older ones to share a home with the new ones, since their owners are reluctant to get rid of them, as they continue to pack and always find their place”, affirms the manager of the company. qualified whose sole objective is to resolve any doubt or incident that may arise in relation to the equipment.
Speaking of friends and collaborators, Carot is moved to remember one of them. “I would like to make a special mention of Don Antonio José Rodrigues, who left us a few years ago. It was a great loss for this sector and a good friend whom we will always remember fondly”. All AUTELEC personnel are fully familiar with each of the functions carried out by the company, which allows them at certain times to deal with all available means. a specific task that requires an immediate solution. A human team that has also varied over time. “Some have retired, others have entered and others have left, but all have left their mark and contributed the best of themselves to create and perfect our teams, so that our products continue to be benchmarks of quality and good performance; a part of each one of them lives on in our machines, engineers, technicians, administrators, salespeople… Our company is synonymous with good customer service, as evidenced by the fact that many are already friends after so many years”. says Vincent Carot. Indeed, the company boasts of offering the best technical service and professional advice to the olive oil and olive sector, having a free telephone service staffed by qualified technicians whose sole objective is to resolve any doubt or incident that may arise in relation to the teams. Speaking of friends and collaborators, Carot is moved to remember one of them. “I would like to make a special mention of Don Antonio José Rodrigues, who left us a few years ago. It was a great loss for this industry and a good friend we will always remember fondly.”

Goodbye to outdated equipment

AUTELEC’s headquarters have also undergone several moves throughout this time: that first location at number 12 Calle San Sebastián de Alfafar is already a long way off, going through Mayor José Puertes, to reach the current headquarters at number 4 Praga street in La Pobla de Vallbona. That yes, always in Valencia, land of rice, oranges and horchata, “but also of mills and good olive oils”, recalls Carot. Currently, AUTELEC Technology is present in 18 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Jordan, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, China, New Zealand, India and Australia. With almost 4,000 pieces of equipment and close to 2,000 clients, the company continues to advance, always remaining in the discreet background, “because not everything is appearing in the photos and going to events or receiving prizes”, affirms its manager, who concludes by assuring that ” For us, the most important thing is that our customers are satisfied and that the equipment works correctly, that is our philosophy. Everything else is not part of our priorities, although we do not stop being proud of our work, guided by an ethic that today is conspicuous by its absence and in an environment where only image is sought, but empty, without content… We, for our part, will continue to provide solutions and good advice to our clients and friends”


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