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With 100% Spanish capital and headquarters in the Valencian town of La Pobla de Vallbona, AUTELEC Tecnología, S.L. is an electronic engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment and machinery applied to the agri-food industry and specialized in the olive sector, in which it has enjoyed a well-deserved prestige for more than 30 years thanks to the quality, innovation and reliability of its their teams.

AUTELEC’s origins date back to 1979. At that time, its main activity was focused on the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and machines applied to the agri-food industry. With an incipient and rudimentary computer system, the company was a pioneer in the design and manufacture of microprocessor automation for manufacturers in the fruit and vegetable sector, making weighing and netting equipment for fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit classifiers according to their weight and color. It should be noted that this company from La Pobla de Vallbona was one of the first to design and manufacture equipment with 100% Spanish hardware and software. “At that time we had our first Motorola” – recalls its manager, Vicente Carot, with a smile. “It was around 1989 when we went from being an engineering company dedicated to designing and manufacturing for third parties to creating a line of our own products for the olive oil market, currently being a benchmark in the sector.” Very close to the Mercacei Editorial Group in these 25 years, betting on this publication since its inception – “for our dissemination it was very important to have it and time has proved us right, and today our collaboration with Mercacei has become even closer more if possible”, says Carot-, in that distant 1994 AUTELEC had already traveled a good path, but it needed to make itself known in a new sector for the company. Although it already had more than 100 MG-707 measuring devices manufactured and installed, “Mercacei’s drive was and has been a great help in reaching the 1,200 that we currently have distributed throughout the world”. AUTELEC will attend the XX International Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries, as it has been doing without interruption for more than 30 years. Vicente Carot, one of its founding partners, considers that “Expoliva 2021 will be a historic event in which both exhibitors and visitors will have to make an effort to adapt to this situation we are currently experiencing, always with the firm purpose of promoting this sector. so important to the world economy; for this reason we are sure that there will be a very positive response from everyone and this will be an unforgettable edition.”

At Expoliva 2021, AUTELEC will present the new DM-120 packaging machine, the little sister of its famous DL-294PLUS, and both models will be operational during the fair so that visitors can check in situ its operation. As Carot explains, “the DM-120 comes to occupy a sector of mini packaging machines for small productions but with the accuracy and quality that characterizes us, becoming the ideal option for those customers who prioritize packaging in practically all Formats: glass, cans, ceramics, PET, etc., regardless of their jar, amphora shape…- and from 5 to 10,000 ml. of capacity”.

At AUTELEC they don’t know what planned obsolescence is. Rather, they do know it, but they don’t practice it


With an approximate production of up to 230 l./hour, the DM-120 packaging machine is a very versatile and reliable machine that allows you to program the amount to be packaged -both in liters and in kilos- in a few seconds, with electronic filling control by weight, automatic determination of the density of the liquid to be packaged and quality control of packaging. After each dosage, the machine checks the amount actually packaged and the microprocessor that it incorporates automatically makes corrections in successive packages -or what amounts to the same thing, it learns from its small errors-, obtaining very high precisions never achieved to date, impossible to achieve with other systems.

In addition, the machine -made of AISI 304 stainless steel- has an exclusive, highly effective anti-drip system to prevent the containers from getting dirty, as well as total and partial counters for a Complete control of the packed liquid. Its installation is very simple, since it does not need compressed air or air tanks, it being enough to connect it to the single-phase network and its connection by means of a flexible sanitary pipe to the supply tank. It also stands out for its easy handling thanks to its keyboard and display system, resulting in a rapidly amortizable unit due to its low cost. Other features of the equipment are the constant speed centrifugal pump, the low speed with a stainless steel impeller, the solenoid valve for shutting off flow and pipes in accordance with current regulations and its rapid disassembly. “For all of us who make up the AUTELEC Tecnología family -Carot concludes- the most important thing is that our customers and friends are satisfied with our products and that the equipment works correctly; That is our philosophy and we will continue to provide solutions and good advice to meet your needs.”


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