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The Montoro Olive Fair celebrates its XIX edition in 2018. And AUTELEC Tecnología, a Valencian electronic engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of agri-food machinery specializing in olive oil, will once again be present at an event that it has attended uninterruptedly since its sixth call, back in 1992. A whole example of loyalty and commitment to its customers.

That VI edition has been a long way off, 26 years ago, in 1992, when we attended this event for the first time, although it seems like yesterday… I remember we were in tents, without air conditioning, but already by then the spirit and illusion of the Iligora Club to carry out this contest was perceived in the environment. From that moment on, I admit that I have a special affection for Montoro and its Fair, to which AUTELEC has attended uninterruptedly in all its editions. At that time, and once the day was over, hostesses, organizers and exhibitors forgot about the protocol and we enjoyed Montoro’s hospitality, because who better than his own people to discover places to dine and disconnect from the fair day? The disco near the river, the alleys full of bars, the night of Montoro… in short, a unique atmosphere, the other side of the fair. There are so many good memories shared with this great olive oil family, among others with my friend Francisco Calero, from Indaisa -which since its first edition back in 1985 has not been missing-, or García Fernández Dosificadores…

Currently, the Montoro Olive Fair has established itself as a must, at least for Autelec, which has a portfolio of more than 7,000 clients. This fair is the ideal setting to reach a large number of them, and not only their managers or presidents, but also partners, farmers, maintenance and laboratory technicians… in short, people who are in direct contact with our machines and transmit their concerns and doubts about our equipment, something that is essential for us. Because if something is clear to us at Autelec, it is that a fair is not only a place where commercial and economic transactions are carried out, but also a great opportunity to get closer to your customers, many of whom, over time, have become be friends. And there is nothing better than being able to share experiences with them, even if it is only for a few minutes. Well, we only found that in Montoro. Throughout these 26 years we have been growing and our products have been modernized and adapted to the needs of the sector. From the first Autelec DL-290 packaging machine in 1991 to the current DL-294 PLUS, our machines have evolved, largely thanks to our customers. Our MG-707 analysis device (better known as the “Autelec”) continues to be a benchmark in the field of analytics today -despite the criticisms that call it outdated- due to its high precision and accuracy. , serving as a model for the calibration of other supposedly more advanced equipment that could not work without the supervision and control offered by our MG-707.

Olive oil specialists


At Autelec we have always opted for honesty and correctness as hallmarks of the company, which is why we have chosen to defend ourselves against such criticism with the guarantee offered by our teams, able to function at full capacity from the first to the last day. In the case of the MG-707 model, and even being aware of its speed limitations, it should be remembered that the main mission of a measuring device is precisely that, to measure, and not to break time records, substituting accuracy for speed. Over the years, all Autelec equipment -even those that are more than three decades old- continue to function with the same accuracy as the first day, while having after-sales service, spare parts and maintenance, which do not exist in our product catalog no obsolete or out-of-date equipment. Some guarantees and a service that few brands can offer. And what about the human team? As with our teams, Autelec’s human team has also evolved over the years, adapting to the demands and needs of the market. For this reason, from here I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to all those people who were and are currently part of this company, contributing with their effort, knowledge and experience to enhance the true asset of AUTELEC Tecnología, S.L., which is none other than its human capital.

Precisely with the intention of offering the best service to our clients, the company moved its headquarters from Alfafar to its current location in La Pobla de Vallbona. From the Customer Service Department, through the commercial, technical service or R&D team, each and every one of Autelec’s workers will be delighted to serve you with the kindness and courtesy you deserve; Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will take care of solving any doubt or query you may have.


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