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At AUTELEC Tecnología, a Valencian electronic engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of agri-food machinery specialized in olive oil and firmly committed to the environment, they don’t know what which is planned obsolescence, that fateful term so sadly fashionable in recent times. Rather, they do know it, but they don’t practice it. Its teams are still working after three decades of operation. And they all have guaranteed maintenance and repair, something that is not usual in the sector. The big beneficiary? The customer, of course, but also the environment.

Since its beginnings almost 40 years ago, at Autelec they have opted for the design of their own electronics that have allowed them to keep all their equipment in perfect working order, from the first to the last. And it is that in this company based in the Valencian town of La Pobla de Vallbona there is no place for obsolete equipment: today all its machines -even the first ones, with nearly 30 years running- have their maintenance guaranteed, since all electronic circuits are manufactured and repaired. Contrary to what happens with other firms, which are forced to replace electronic cards due to breakdowns, thus generating electronic waste that is difficult to recycle, at Autelec they are committed to repairing them, something logical if we consider that, as it is own designs, “repair will always be cheaper and more ecological than replacement”, says its manager, Vicente Carot, who acknowledges that “some customers are surprised to learn that we still have spare parts for such old machines”. Indeed, all the machinery marketed by this company with almost four decades of experience in the sector, from the most traditional assembly to the most modern SMD system (Surface Mount Device, that is, surface mounting technology), is manufactured in its facilities. , and its technicians also take care of the programming of all the equipment. In the case of the packaging machines, after selling more than 2,000 units in the company’s nearly 40-year history, the average time elapsed from its installation to the first mismatch amounts to more than 10 years, currently exceeding 25 years. fully operational performance. “Few machines remain active for such a long time and this is what our customers tell us: this machine has been here forever and continues to work correctly”, Carot indicates with undisguised pride. “However -he adds-, this makes it increasingly difficult for us to perfect the new models; but the experience and, above all, the concerns that our users transmit to us, is what moves us to continue innovating and improving our products, without forgetting those first machines that deserve to continue working correctly. Therefore, we can say that our path is guided by the users themselves and advised by our team of technicians.”

Olive oil specialists


From Autelec they point out that “our packaging machines were born by and for the oil, they were not derived from machines for wine, vinegar or other products, and although today the latest models have of versions for other products, we continue to focus on olive oil, where we have achieved a very balanced machine with high reliability, the DL-294 Plus”. Indeed, this bottling machine by weight stands out for its versatility, since in a few seconds the amount of olive oil to be bottled can be varied between 0.01 and 10 liters and miniatures, with a resolution of 0.001 liter, perfectly adapting to containers of 1, 2, 3,785 (1 Gallon) or 5 liters, without the need to proceed to any adjustment; and for its high precision, thanks to its dosing system by weight that eliminates errors caused by different viscosities and temperatures, and the automatic and continuous adjustment that it incorporates -after filling each container, the machine automatically checks the quantity packed and performs timely corrections if necessary. Ideal for glass, cans, plastic or ceramics, it is also equipped with a highly effective anti-drip system to prevent the containers from getting dirty.

A model whose great demand has caused its manufacture to be extended throughout the year, thus allowing its almost immediate delivery and thus avoiding unnecessary waiting. All the departments of the company are interconnected and its staff is trained to, at specific moments, be flexible enough to focus on one of them and be able to finish the required work as soon as possible, this flexibility constituting an important asset. when meeting the deadlines established to carry out a project. Thus, the research and innovation area is always working on new solutions with the most advanced techniques, and for quality control the company has high-precision equipment; while the customer service is in charge of providing advice on all the equipment in order to guarantee its maintenance in perfect working conditions, always following criteria of speed and economy. And to conclude, a piece of advice and thanks. “Throughout all these years, and given the spread of our brand, numerous companies -both Spanish and foreign- have tried to sow confusion by offering services on our behalf. For this reason, and always ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment, from Autelec we recommend not leaving maintenance in the hands of companies outside the brand; Be wary of calls and emails that try to offer their services on our behalf, and always verify the data that appears on the official website (logo, telephone numbers…)”. “Autelec is not just a company, it is not just the people that make it up, but all those who over the years have contributed their work and knowledge, and who, although they are no longer with us, contributed to the development of our teams. Without forgetting, of course, all our clients, without whom we would not be here now, and to whom we want to express our most sincere gratitude.”

In the case of packaging machines, the average time elapsed from their installation to the first mismatch amounts to more than a decade


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