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Loyal to the Montoro event since 1992, AUTELEC Tecnologia will once again take advantage of the XVIII Montoro Olive Fair to present an improved version of its famous DL-294 packaging machine -the DL-294 Plus model-, as well as to carry out on-site demonstrations of the operation of its products and establish direct and close contact with customers and visitors to the show.

Founded in 1979 with 100% Spanish capital, AU-TELEC Tecnología, S.L. is a company based in the Valencian town of La Pobla de Vallbona whose main activity is the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and machinery applied to the agri-food industry. Currently, the company is strongly specialized in the olive oil sector, where it has managed to become a reference brand, although it has also developed its activity in the bakery industry -designing and manufacturing equipment for companies in the sector and , for a long period of time, was dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment for the fruit and vegetable sector -weighing and netting machinery for fruits and vegetables, fruit classifiers according to their weight and color-. In this field, AUTELEC was one of the first companies in Spain to design and manufacture equipment with microprocessors equipped with hardware and software. In 1989, the Valencian firm went from being an engineering company dedicated to designing and manufacturing equipment and machinery for third parties to creating a line of its own products for the olive oil market. An important -and strategic- change of direction that has been accompanied by success thanks to the thousands of units sold around the world.

Presence in Montoro


One ​​more edition, as it has been doing without interruption since 1992, AUTELEC Tecnología attends the XVIII Montoro Olive Tree Fair with its own stand, an appointment that, beyond its aspect Purely commercial, it represents the opportunity to establish direct and personal contact with customers and visitors to the show, especially cooperative members. On this occasion, the Valencian firm will present a new version of its already famous DL-294 packaging machine -the DL-294 Plus model- which, with more than 2,000 units sold, is a true benchmark in the semi-automatic packaging machine market.

Totally electric, this advanced equipment does not require compressed air for its operation, just a simple 220/240v single-phase plug and a tank of any size. Thus, in just a few minutes the machine is capable of packaging any quantity from 0.010 to 10 litres. As in previous editions, the public that comes to the AUTELEC Tecnología stand will be able to verify in situ the optimal operation of the DL-294 Plus packaging machine through live demonstrations that undoubtedly already constitute a hallmark of the company. company at the Montoreño fair (the first one took place in 1991 with its first model, the DL-290), and in which they are absolute pioneers. Its filling precision is independent of the viscosity or temperature of the fluid, controlled by its own electronic circuit, while incorporating an effective anti-drip system and a stainless steel mesh safety filter. Currently, all AUTELEC Tecnología products are manufactured entirely at its new headquarters in La Pobla de Vallbona, from which each and every one of the different stages of the production process are controlled: design, manufacturing, distribution, sale and maintenance, always adapting to the needs of the market and its customers.

The DL-294 semi-automatic packing-dosing machine, one of the company’s big bets for 2014, will be presented at the XVII Montoro Olive Fair


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