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Founded in 1979, Autelec is a company with 100% Spanish capital dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and machinery applied to the agri-food industry specialized in the oil sector de oliva, in which it enjoys a well-deserved prestige thanks to the quality, innovation and reliability of its equipment. The Valencian company faces a new stage with changes in management but with the same illusion as always to offer the best service and professional advice to the olive oil and olive sector.

Historically linked to the agri-food market, Autelec was born as an engineering company dedicated to designing and manufacturing equipment for third parties whose scope of activity included sectors such as the bakery or the fruit and vegetable industry, developing weighing and netting equipment for fruits and vegetables, as well as continuous fruit sorters or classifiers according to their weight and color (1987). In this field, Autelec was a pioneer in the design and development in Spain of equipment equipped with microprocessors with 100% Spanish hardware and software.

In 1989, the company began a new and exciting stage by stopping working for third parties and creating its own line of products aimed at the olive oil market, having Since then, more than 2,000 units have been marketed. The list of projects developed by Autelec includes the determination of oil content for olives, pomace and other products (1989); probable alcohol meter in grape must (1992); meter of the quantity of oil produced by the extractors in mills (1993); low-resolution measuring equipment -low frequency- of magnetic-nuclear resonance to determine the oil content in olives (1998), developed in collaboration with the Institute of Physics & Bucharest Nuclear Engineering and Ainia Technology Center (1998); moisture and fat analyzer for oilseeds (Ahurigo) by near infrared NIR (2002), in collaboration with Ainia; or the Olicematic project, developed within the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission (2009).

Currently, the equipment that Autelec designs, manufactures and sells for the olive oil sector are the MG-707 olive fat and acidity content meter, the of production of oil extraction plant CP-504/USB and the machinery for the packaging of olive oil DL-194 and DL-294. All of them share the characteristics that have made the Valencian company a reference brand for the olive oil and olive sector: great precision, high quality, easy to use, high reliability and easy installation, always with innovation as the flag and at the forefront of new technologies.

The MG-707 fat and acidity content meter is a system that guarantees great accuracy, allowing a real evaluation of the olives at reception to be carried out in just a few minutes to know its performance, without weighing or drying the sample, thus avoiding handling errors. Despite its longevity, the MG-707 continues to be the benchmark for measuring equipment, even the most innovative ones, which use it as a standard as it is one of the most accurate and reliable that can be found on the market. to be able to calibrate and check said devices.

For its part, the CP-504/USB oil mill controller provides complete information on the oil production of the mill in kilos and liters, available via a USB device. In this way, with the campaign totalizer it is possible to obtain the total oil produced up to that moment, while the partial counter allows the values ​​to be set to zero when desired, in addition to knowing the oil that is introduced into each storage tank, or the amount of oil produced by a certain batch of olives. Likewise, the instantaneous production, the average and the campaign average, all of them in kg./hour, indicate the proper functioning of the oil mill so that, in the event that the instantaneous flow decreases, the cause can be found and solutions adopted.

The semi-automatic packaging machine, one of Autelec’s flagship products, has undergone a thorough review in 2014 with a view to its improvement, a process that will go through in the short and medium the rest of the equipment that makes up the catalog of the Valencian company, although in the case of the MG-707 analyzer -and despite the attempts of other brands to introduce faster and simpler methods- this model is still currently the most competitive thanks to its accuracy and repeatability in the analysis.

The new DL-294 packaging-dosing machine, which will be presented at the XVII Montoro Olive Fair, is the main novelty of Autelec for 2014. Ideal for glass, cans, plastic or ceramic, this machine is better suited to filling small-format containers, standing out for its versatility, since in just a few seconds it allows the quantity of oil to be bottled to be varied between 0.01 and 10 liters with a resolution of 0.001 l ., In addition to being suitable for miniatures, it can be used for multi-capacity containers without the need for any adjustment. Likewise, the equipment is equipped with an effective anti-drip system to prevent the containers from getting dirty, while its weight dosing system guarantees high precision, while eliminating possible errors caused by different viscosities and temperatures. Finally, the machine incorporates an automatic and continuous adjustment that allows you to check the amount packed and make the appropriate corrections if necessary.


Export vocation and renewed management


Throughout its 35-year history, Autelec has changed its headquarters on various occasions, but what has never changed is its firm purpose of offering its customers the best possible service and advice in order to fully satisfy their needs, even referring them to other companies if they need it. At present, its new facilities located in the Mas de Tous industrial estate in La Pobla de Vallbona have a larger area dedicated to the workshop, which in this new stage has become a priority with respect to space for offices and offices, thus reversing the distribution established in its previous location in Alfafar.

Autelec Tecnología equipment is sold throughout Spain, especially in olive oil-producing areas, where the company also provides technical service for all its machinery. Likewise, the company has a free telephone service both in Spain and in the rest of the world, attended by qualified technicians whose sole objective is to solve any doubt or incident that may arise in relation to the equipment.

The company’s client portfolio is made up of nearly 1,200 clients in Spain and another 300 throughout the world, in destinations such as Portugal, Argentina, Morocco, Italy, France , Albania, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Tunisia, Turkey, India or the USA. And it is that Autelec also attaches special importance to export. Thus, around 50% of the manufactured equipment travels abroad, in these cases delegating technical assistance to its distributors.

The company is currently facing a new stage with a renewed management that successfully mixes the experience of one of its partners, Vicente Carot, with a long history of almost 30 years in the firm, and the drive -and continuity- represented by the youth of Raúl Martínez, the company’s other partner. It should be noted that the current Autelec staff, although specialized in the tasks of their respective Departments, has extensive knowledge of each and every one of the functions and activities of the company, a policy that allows them to face any specific task that requires a solution at specific times. immediate. Likewise, some of the former Autelec workers have established themselves as distributors of the company’s products, offering their services to certain clients.

Since its inception, Autelec has attended all editions of the Olive Tree Fair in Montoro, Expoliva in Jaén or the now-defunct SIO in Reus as an exhibitor. As Vicente Carot points out, “in all of them the fact that we carried out live demonstrations with our packaging machine has always attracted great attention, but the absolute confidence in the quality and precision of our products is what allows us to do it, so that all visitors can appreciate its accuracy, the absence of dripping and other characteristics that make us a benchmark in this sector”

The DL-294 semi-automatic packing-dosing machine, one of the company’s big bets for 2014, will be presented at the XVII Montoro Olive Fair


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